Special Thanks to my Editor - Tina McAllister

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This is way over due, Sorry Tina! By the time we got the book finished and to the publishers, my brain was just frazzled! I had meant to write you a raving review a month or two ago, but, well, no excuses right, it just didn't get done. Now it is :)

Desert Storm Diaries - Letters From Home is the first book I've written, and as you can imagine, I didn't even know what I didn't know yet! I'd never used an editor before, or a ghost writer, in fact normally I prefer to work alone.

With that said, I'm so glad that Tina McAllister and I found each other on Facebook and Twitter!

Tina really helped me in setting out a time line and accountability for meeting my goals. In the past, when I had tried writing my book, I'd get distracted with other things and then realize it had been weeks or months or years even since I'd written anything. So just having her on board, to ask me how it was coming, was really helpful.

Then when the writing was done, she had all the right tools and software to pull it all together. We had to add in the photos and diagrams, get the pages formatted to the right size, then create a PDF file for the publishers. It was so nice to be able to send her a link from the publisher, and have her say "no problem"!

Having someone to talk to, bouncing ideas around, and just having fun chatting on Skype really helped me not feel so overwhelmed. I think on a project as big as a book, its important to work with people you like. That's really the coolest thing about being an entrepreneur, is you get to choose your team for a project. Tina and I had a similar sense of humor, which is great when you're working long crazy hours to meet a dead line.

Tina brought so much creative energy and excitement to the project. There were times when I think she was more excited than I was to be writing the book! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with writing or editing, or any of her other awesome services.

Thanks Tina, I really enjoyed having you along for the ride, and writing Desert Storms Diary wouldn't have been as much fun with out you!

Be sure to follow her on Twitter at http://twitter.com/TinaMc , and check out her website at http://tinamcallister.com

Carlin Comm
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By Carlin Comm posted on 2009-06-04 23:04:07

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